Impact evaluation

There are many teachers, coaches, schools and clubs doing fantastic work with children. However, without strong evidence, it is hard to prove the impact of their work – whether to their funders, their supporters or their detractors.

Our systems can prove the impact of your work.

They provide concrete and objective evidence of the impact you are having on the children’s mental and physical health.

The evidence can then be used to inform new projects and show opportunities where impact can be magnified.  It can also help understand outcomes and shape future strategies.

Our systems can help:

  • Show whether or not the programme has been effective
  • Demonstrate the exact nature and area of impact (eg, mental health, overall wellbeing)
  • Identify where changes can be made
  • Help make decisions for future projects.

This includes evaluating the impact of PE & Sport Premium funded projects, for which we have received praise from Ofsted.

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