Children’s mental health is as important as their physical health.  Ensuring children have good mental health is as crucial as ensuring they are physically fit.

We carry out specialist assessment and monitoring in this area.  We have extensive experience and resources to measure the following:

  • Self Esteem – how they children feel about themselves and their abilities
  • General Wellbeing and Satisfaction – how they feel about the key aspects of their life, such as friends, school and appearance
  • Physical Self Efficacy – the extent to which they are able to be active outside school with their friends and family. PSE is a good indicator of how well prepared children are to be active and participate in physical pursuit
  • Specific sports/activities – how they feel about the activities they have been participating in
  • Academic subjects – how they feel about particular subjects and their skills in those subjects
  • Continuation – how likely they are to continue participating in specific activities

Our Mental and Social health assessments can be used in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • to help monitor a child’s progress and development
  • as part of impact evaluation for a specific project
  • to help identify those most in need or at risk.

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