Award winning Leading Providers of Children's Fitness Analysis & Testing - UK

Fitmedia is the award winning leading children's physical assessment company in the UK.

We measure and assess the health and wellbeing of children aged 5-18.

With our expertise we provide systems and services for schools, clubs and sports organisations to support them in monitoring and improving the health of their children.

We are leaders in the field

Our services look at a number of areas, including:

Our systems are easy to use and effective. Our invaluable resources have been successfully supporting schools and sports organisations who are involved in the physical activity and health of children and young people

To deliver our service we have innovative systems, highly qualified people and years of experience.

These allow us to understand the demands placed on schools and sporting organisations and how to engage children and young people

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We answer some of the challenges faced by schools today

About Our Assessments

Our award winning assessments provide a series of measurements which help determine the physical abilities and skills of an individual. Our systems provide invaluable, cost effective and time saving tools designed to add real value to teaching.

Assessments measure specific things like strength, stamina, speed, power and agility.

Our results can then be used to maximise your programmes, including:

  • the basis for an exercise programme
  • for impact evaluation (eg of specific programmes or interventions)
  • for selection and targetting
  • for talent identification
  • to highlight current health conditions or risks.

Solutions for Primary Schools

Fitmedia offer a number of products and solutions specifically for primary school aged children. We help all types of organisations, whether schools, charities, or local authorities, to improve the health of the children in their care.

Our solutions are both flexible and adaptable so that every child can have a positive experience of sport and physical activity at a young age and can build a lifetime habit of participation

These solutions give teachers reliable information, systems for effective provision of PE and physical activity and easy ways to engage the children.

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Primary schools

We have a number of products to help primary schools deliver their physical activity and Physical Education, and to monitor the physical development and general wellbeing of the children.

This includes evaluating the impact of PE & Sport Premium funded projects, for which we have received praise from Ofsted.

More information on these can be found below:

Solutions for Secondary Schools

Our solutions cater for the way that a school operates

As children enter secondary school, education provides a new set of challenges. It is common for their physical activity levels to drop, as social and academic pressures increase. As a result, their fitness levels can drop. This is particularly the case with who do not enjoy conventional competitive sports or team games, or are "non sportive".

We believe that all young people, particularly those who do not take part in competitive team games or school structures, benefit from being physically fit.

Fitmedia Movement is a physical assessment system to help all students, of whatever sporting ability, to understand their physical aptitudes and their natural fitness levels.

The Fitmedia Movement system can also be used in conjunction with our Mental Health and Wellbeing assessment, to provide a complete view of the physical, mental and emotional health of the children.

Already Assessing?

Some schools and sporting organisations already carry out their own assessments. In such a situation, the schools will have the results for the students, but will not have been able to benchmark them against the normative data (and therefore will not be able to objectively asses the results).

Our Fitmedia Insight programme can take and analyse such scores against the normative data, and thereby provide accurate benchmarked percentiles for those scores and students – effectively showing how they did against how they should have done.

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