Our unique Fitmedia Insight supportsyour existing assessment programme.

If you carry out physical assessments on your children, we can help!

We take the results of your own assessments and benchmark them against national reference data.  This shows how your children would be ranked nationally against their direct peer group.

This gives you a completely accurate picture of their physical abilities for individuals and groups.

The programme can benchmark results against any of the following physical assessments:

  • Horizontal Jump
  • Handgrip
  • 20m Sprint
  • 10 by 5 Agility Run
  • Mile Run
  • 20m Shuttle Run
  • Sit ups in 30 secs

If you carry out any of these assessments with your children, simply send us the results, along with the children’s age and gender.

Fitmedia Insight includes:

  • On-line videos demonstrating the assessments
  • Data collection sheets for recording results

We then benchmark the results against normative data. This shows how they should have performed, based on their age and gender.

This gives every child’s results are a percentile ranking out of 100, which shows objectively how fit they are.  We send you these rankings for every child for every assessment, along with group analysis, key areas, and recommendations.

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