We help all types of organisations, whether schools, charities, or local authorities, to improve the health of the children in their care. Have a look below:

Primary schools

A positive experience of sport and physical activity at a young age can build a lifetime habit of participation. Effective provision of PE and physical activity at primary school can therefore have a lifelong impact.

We have a number of products to help primary schools deliver their physical activity and Physical Education, and to monitor the physical development and general wellbeing on the children.

This includes evaluating the impact of PE & Sport Premium funded projects, for which we have received praise from Ofsted.

More information on these can be found below:

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Secondary schools

As children enter secondary school, it is common for their physical activity levels to drop, as social and academic pressures increase.

As a result, their fitness levels can drop. This is particularly the case with children who do not enjoy conventional competitive sports or team games, or are “non sportive”.

We believe that all children, particularly those who do not take part in competitive team games or school structures, benefit from being physically fit.

We have therefore developed Fitmedia Movement, a physical assessment system to help all children, of whatever sporting ability, to understand their physical aptitudes and their natural fitness levels.

The Fitmedia Movement system can also be used in conjunction with our Mental Health and Wellbeing assessment, to provide a complete view of the physical, mental and emotional health of the children.

Already Assessing?

Some schools and sporting organisations already carry out their own assessments. In such a situation, the schools will have the results for the students, but will not have been able to benchmark them against the normative data (and therefore will not be able to objectively assess the results).

Our Fitmedia Insight programme can take and analyse such scores against the normative data, and thereby provide accurate benchmarked percentiles for those scores and students – effectively showing how they did against how they should have done.

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SEN schools and organisations

Fitmedia Balance: Helping all children enjoy physical activity

Children with special needs can often be overlooked in physical activities and games.

Fitmedia has developed a model, called Fitmedia Balance, to help SEN children to find out their natural skills and abilities.

Developed in conjunction with special schools, it comprises a range of assessments, which provide a detailed overview of what the children can do and what they can pursue.

We consult with the school or organisation to identify the children they would like to assess, and their particular needs and behaviours.   We then put together an assessment programme which is specifically designed to their requirements.

For example, upon being contacted by an organisation, we would speak to the school’s staff to identify:

  • The specific difficulties and needs of the cohort
  • The individual capabilities and abilities of the cohort
  • What the school/organisation is looking to assess (for example, physical movement skills, ability levels, particular aptitudes etc)
  • Whether the school/organisation would like to link the assessment to any specific interventions
  • The school’s available space and equipment.

We then put together a bespoke individual programme which we provide to you. Our assessment team then visits the site to deliver the assessments, which is done in conjunction with the staff, in a school, within the existing PE timetable and lessons.

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Sports Clubs and Organisations

Sports Clubs do valuable work in the community, providing opportunities for physical activity participation, from grass roots up to elite level.

Likewise, sports organisations and charities such as Streetgames work extensively to provide targetted physical activity programmes and interventions to those most in need.

Our work helps institutions such as these in a variety of ways, including:

  • Identifying those with the appropriate natural aptitudes
  • Signposting and assisting development pathways
  • Monitoring children’s development over time
  • Identifying those most in need
  • Evaluating the impact of programmes.

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Senior and older adults organisations

We feel that it is important for all of us – not just children – to keep physically active. As we are living longer, it is important to keep our quality of life as we age.

And a large part of quality of life is being able to live independently, and to continue doing the things we enjoy.

But our fitness levels (eg strength, flexibility and capability) decline with age.  Some of this is due to biological ageing processes, but this decline can also be due to disuse (ie just not being active enough).

However, evidence shows that being physically active can have a significant impact on a number of areas of life, including functional capacity, quality of life, and independence.

Participation in regular physical activity (both aerobic and strength exercises) can also help with physical health, mental health, and isolation and loneliness.

Our Fitmedia Masters programme is specifically designed to help seniors and older adults to assess their physical fitness and functional capacity.

We can help to assess key areas, such as balance, flexibility and strength, and identify areas for improvement. We can also help provide suggested exercises and improvements to help in this area.

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Local authorities

For local authorities, it can be useful to be aware of the state of health in their area. This can help them be aware of key issues, identify key areas of need, and design future interventions.

Our data can show:

  • The current state of health in the area
  • What patterns/trends exist
  • Differences between factors (gender/age/location etc)
  • Potential correlations with other factors (eg economics, employment, deprivation etc)
  • The difference between myth and reality.

In addition, we have an extensive database of demographic information, covering every district in England, across health, economic, education and health sectors. We can provide this for additional and analysis.

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Central Government and Parliament

We are passionate about improving the quality and quantity of physical activity.

At strategic level, we therefore work with Central Government and Parliament, to provide insight, recommendations and advice.

We have worked extensively with the All Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit & Healthy Childhood and have contributed to a number of their reports.  These can be seen below:


We have also taken part in consultations with DCMS, Ofsted and Sport England, and have extensive contacts in sports sector bodies such as UKActive, Sportsgroup, Panathlon and S&RA.

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