The Association for Physical Education (afPE) and Fitmedia have joined forces to create a bespoke resource to help support the teaching of physical competence in primary schools.

The cards are handy and easy to use, and are specifically designed for Key Stage 1 children, whether they are learning the skills for the first time or consolidating previously learned skills. They can also be used with older children, to reinforce their existing learning or as warm up activities before games and fun.

What are the Lesson Cards?

The Lesson Cards are a pack of 11 separate lessons, which cover the following four areas of proficiency:

  • Object Control
  • Locomotor Proficiency
  • Body Control
  • Flexibility

Each card focusses on a different skill within one of those areas (eg throwing, catching, and jumping).

The card explains the skill and why it is important. It then provides an exercise for teachers to demonstrate and teach the skill to be learnt.

Each card then contains Practice Activities which the children can then play when they have completed the basic exercise. This gives the opportunity for children to apply the skill in both competitive and non-competitive contexts.

Finally, each card suggests how to expand the practice activities as the children improve their skill. These suggestions are based on the STEP Differentiation Framework. This makes the activities more challenging, while remaining inclusive, by modifying the following key elements:

  • Space – changing the area or distance in which the activity must be successfully performed
  • Task – changing the a key element of the task (eg length of time, number of times, direction)
  • Equipment – changing the type, size, height arrangement of the equipment
  • People – changing the number and arrangement of children in a team or group.

Fitmedia/afPE Lesson Cards Fitmedia Fitness

Why use them?

Teaching physical competence is not easy.

The lesson cards from afPE and Fitmedia are a simple and practical way to deliver effective PE:

  • They provide simple and straightforward activities to teach children the skills that they need.
  • The activities can be carried out anywhere (inside or outside) and include many children at the same time.
  • They require no specialist equipment or expensive kit, and can be done with resources that would already be present in the school.

Are your children improving?

The lesson plans can be combined with the Fitmedia Fundamental testing programme, to make sure they have learnt and mastered each fundamental movement skill.

How to purchase the Lesson Support Cards

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