Our background

Fitmedia was established by sport and fitness professionals, who were frustrated at the lack of effective, efficient fitness testing for children. Working with two of the UK’s acknowledged experts in this area, Dr Gavin Sandercock and Dr Daniel Cohen, Fitmedia  have created testing systems which

  • helps children, particularly those who are not interested in sport, with a means through which to learn about, and engage with, physical activity are fun and easy to do
  • provides an easy, sustainable fitness testing programme enjoyable for the children
  • provides schools with key data and information about the health of their pupilsrequire no equipment or input from the teachers – we do it all for you!”

Our team

Sheila Forster, [MA, FCIMSPA]
Managing Director
Sheila has over fourteen years working in the community sports, health and well-being environment. Her experience includes project management, implementing new sport-related Central Government strategies for schools and implementing a Read More
Dr Gavin Sandercock [PhD, MSc BA (Hons)]
Director Of Testing
A Senior Lecturer in Clinical Physiology and Cardiology and Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation at the University of Essex, Gavin specialises in exercise science, including paediatric physical activity and fitness and Read More
Alex Scott-Bayfield [MA (Cantab), MCIMSPA]
Director of Strategy and Operations
A qualified sports lawyer and project manager with an exceptional range of experience in the sports industry. She has worked in the Olympic sphere, for International Federations, National Governing Bodies, Read More
Dr Daniel Cohen [PhD, MSc, BSc, SCS (NSCA)]
Director Of Research
A senior lecturer in sports science and sports nutrition, Daniel’s work on muscular strength trends in English children received national coverage and led to invitations to implement similar studies in Read More
Andy Sutch [BA, FRSA, FCIMSPA]
Non Executive Director
The Executive Director of Business in Sport and Leisure, and Chairman of Panathlon, Andy has exceptional experience in the sports industry. He worked for Sport England for over 20 years, Read More
Immanuel Eze [BSc (Hons)]
Head trainer and School Resources
A sports scientist from the University of Essex, Immanuel specialises in exercise science, research, and fitness testing. His passion for promoting health and physical development of school children has led Read More
Chris Jones [BA (hons)]
Head Trainer
A graduate of Middlesex University, Chris is a qualified Primary School teacher with 10 years’ experience working within the sector. Chris specialises in Primary PE, having taught across the whole Read More
Gary McGaghey
Non Executive Director
Gary McGaghey is an International Commercial CFO with an exemplary track record of delivering increased shareholder value. Gary brings with him more than 20 years’ experience in mid cap and Read More
James Cotton
Non Executive Director
James brings over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.  He is a results-driven professional with a background in providing hands-on leadership, direction, and focus for business Read More

Dr Gavin Sandercock and Dr Daniel Cohen have unparalleled experience in the areas of health and fitness testing and their work is well known.
They have received national coverage for their work in the areas of children’s fitness and have been published in both academic journals and the print media.

Our experience

The Fitmedia team have an exceptional range of experience in the sports and health sector.

Our Directors of Research and Testing are acknowledged experts in the fields of health and exercise sciences.

Their work in the areas of children’s health and fitness has been nationally recognised and has been cited by Sir Liam Donaldson, then the Government’s Chief Medical Officer, in relation to fitness testing in schools.

Their work has been printed in academic journals and the print media, including the Journal of Sports Science, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, and The Guardian. They have also appeared on national radio and television and have spoken at numerous conferences.