Skills and Aptitude Assessments

The mastery of Fundamental Movement Skills is crucial for children.

But assessing FMS is a time-consuming and difficult process. Each skill must be demonstrated, observed, practised, executed and scored against a set of standardise criteria.  At the same time, boys and girls develop at different rates and children’s physical literacy improves with age.  And it can be difficult to keep consistent scoring between different situations, classes and time periods.

Fitmedia Fundamental is the first physical assessment systemwhich has been designed to address these measurement issues.

It is specifically aimed at primary school children, and assesses fundamental movement skills and basic motor development for children in Key Stage 1 and 2.

It comprises six different types of measurements, including Body Control, Object Control, Flexibility and Locomotor Skills. These identify and assess how the child’s movement and control skills are developing, to ensure that they have mastered the basic physical skills needed as they grow.

In addition, the system includes some basic assessments such as handgrip and sprints, to measure the child’s basic fitness levels. This enables the child’s teachers to identify early any causes for concern, such as low fitness in any particular area.

The testing is quick, fun and easy to carry out.  Our qualified trainers come to you and assess the children on site,which can be done in curriculum time.  We bring all the equipment and do everything – you don’t need to do anything!

The assessments can be linked with other measurements, including our mental health assessments

Benefits of Fitmedia Fundamental

Fitmedia Fundamental is unique and the only physical measurements system which:

  • provides a scientific assessment of the development of a child’s key physical skills
  • measures both the development of physical skills and basic fitness
  • provides assessments which are specifically tailored to each age group, to take into account different stages of development
  • is based on extensive scientific paediatric data from the EU, Scandinavia and the UK.


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