• Continuous health monitoring

    Making sure that children are developing as they should is crucial.

    We can provide continuous monitoring, to help:

    • Ensure appropriate rate of development
    • Monitor children’s overall wellbeing
    • Help children to improve, through goals and objectives
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and coaching programmes.

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  • Physical ability and health assessments

    We know schools have a crucial role to play in enabling their pupils to be resilient and to support good mental health and wellbeing.

    With our expertise we can provide these as a one off “overview”, to provide you with an idea of the current state of health of your children.

    This can help with:

    • Diagnostics for targetted interventions
    • Talent Identification
    • Selection and filtering

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  • Impact evaluation

    There are many teachers, coaches, schools and clubs doing fantastic work with children. However, without strong evidence, it is hard to prove the impact of their work – whether to their funders, their supporters or their detractors.

    Our systems can prove the impact of your work.

    They provide concrete and objective evidence of the impact you are having on the children’s mental and physical health.

    The evidence can then be used to inform new projects and show opportunities where impact can be magnified.  It can also help understand outcomes and shape future strategies.

    Our systems can help:

    • Show whether or not the programme has been effective
    • Demonstrate the exact nature and area of impact (eg, mental health, overall wellbeing)
    • Identify where changes can be made
    • Help make decisions for future projects.

    This includes evaluating the impact of PE & Sport Premium funded projects, for which we have received praise from Ofsted.

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  • Intervention planning

    Designing interventions is a vital part of many organisations’ work. However, it can be hard to ensure that the programmes are aimed at, or reaching, those who need them most.

    Our data and results can show clearly who is most in need of assistance.

    This can ensure that your programmes are designed for the right people, and your funding is used as cost effectively as possible.

    For example, our data can show:

    • Those who are most at health risk
    • Those who are most in need of additional and new physical activity provision
    • Those who are struggling with their physical activity.

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  • Cross area overviews

    For local authorities, sports partnerships and other district organisations, it can be useful to be aware of the state of health in their area.

    Our data can show:

    • What patterns/trends exist
    • Differences between factors (gender/age/location etc)
    • Potential correlations with other factors (eg economics, employment, deprivation etc)
    • The difference between myth and reality.

    In addition, we have an extensive database of demographic information, covering every district in England, across health, economic, education and health sectors. We can provide this for additional analysis.

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  • Inter school analysis

    Good analysis gives clarity to complex situations. Our systems provide overviews of how different schools, areas and age groups perform.

    Many schools now are part of cluster groups, schools sports partnerships or multi-academy trusts. Even within the same areas or the same cluster, there can be differences between schools in physical health, fitness and aptitudes.

    We work with organisations to help them identify the strengths and weaknesses of all the schools in their remit, helping them to identify topics of excellence and areas requiring improvement, whether by school, year group, or geographical area.

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  • Continuous Professional Development

    Our courses are specifically aimed at the non-specialist primary PE teacher/coaches.

    We have courses and resources specifically aimed at those involved in Physical Education and Physical Activity and School Sport.

    Our sessions will provide you with increased knowledge, tools to plan your programmes and outcomes, and support to help you increase performance and achieve success.

    Our services include expert seminars, talks and consultations across the following areas:

    • Fundamental Movement Skills – teaching and evaluation
    • Evidencing impact and progress in PE and Physical Activity
    • Selecting and evaluating external programmes and providers
    • Physical ability and aptitude assessments in sports selection
    • Fitness improvement programmes
    • Children’s health and fitness

    The Fitmedia team has a vast range of experience of working in sport and health. Our courses are developed by skilled PE and Sport Professionals who are dedicated to help you

    We have worked across a number of sectors, including central and local government, fitness and nutrition, the Olympic sphere and academia.

    Our courses can either be full day or half day sessions or bespoke for your staff and excellent value for money.

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