What is Fitmedia Movement?

The system uses simple and familiar tests which (such as sit ups, shuttle runs and handgrip tests) to provide a detailed picture of an individual’s health status and natural physical aptitudes. Crucially, it also identifies where an individual might be at risk, by identifying particularly low levels of fitness or potential injuries.

Uniquely, the Fitmedia Movement software then interprets individuals’ scores on each test by automatically comparing them with published reference data of what would be expected for their age and sex.

This benchmarking provides a ranking which shows how good or poor their fitness levels are for their stage of development.

For example, a student’s long jump distance of 1.5m at age 11 would be in the 80th percentile. At aged 14, he jumps a distance of 2.1m, which is longer: but, for his 14 year age group, this score would only be in the 50th percentile, indicating that in fact, his fitness has declined.

Finally, Fitmedia Movement records the scores and percentiles in a secure, centralized database which can be searched and analysed by the individual and their network (eg PE teachers, coaches etc),with our license agreement you will gain access to our database and other resources.

Benefits of Fitmedia Movement

Fitmedia Movement is the only fitness testing system which:

  • provides an absolutely objective measure of a child’s physical fitness, based on where they should be for their age
  • is based on published research and established protocols and a proven and credited model
  • provides a method to monitor a child’s development over the long term
  • enables immediate improvement
  • uses a score protocol which enables identification of disease and injury risk
  • is specifically designed to help schools capitalise on the legacy effect of the London 2012 Olympic Games

  1. Measure

    An efficient and straightforward set of assessments, providing a comprehensive picture of health status.

  2. Monitor

    A unique database system enabling complete recording, analysis and monitoring as children develop.

  3. Improve

    A programme enabling children to easily assess their natural aptitudes for different sports and physical activities.

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