Fitmedia insight

Fitmedia Insight has the technology to benchmark your testing results against our established database to help you assess children fitness accurately.

Some schools already carry out their own fitness testing, or undertaken testing on their students in the past. In such a situation, the schools will have the results/scores for the students, but will not have been able to benchmark them against the normative data (and therefore will not be able to accurately assess their fitness).

Just contact us and we can discuss your needs. OurFitmedia Insight programme can take and analyse such scores against the normative data, and thereby provide accurate benchmarked percentiles for those scores and students – effectively showing how they did against how they should have done.

Benefits of Fitmedia Insight

Fitmedia Fundamental is unique and the only fitness testing system which:

  • All that is required is for the staff or coaches to send us the results and details of the fitness carried out.
  • We can then benchmark the scores and provide further in depth analysis, including highlighting areas of concern or exceptional results which need further exploration.

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