Fitmedia Fundamental

“Fitmedia Fundamental assesses fundamental movement skills and basic motor development for children in Key Stage 1 and 2”.

It comprises six different types of test, including Body Control, Object Control, Flexibility and Locomotor Skills. These identify and assess how the child’s movement and control skills are developing, to ensure that they have mastered the basic physical skills needed as they grow.

Supported by scientific research data, the system can then analyse the results of the test and assess the child’s development progress, by comparing their results to where they should be based on their age and sex. This enables completely objective evaluation of improvement as they grow, year-on-year.

Our qualified trainers come to you and test your children using our system, and we provide feedback and results of the tests with recommendations,

In addition, the system includes some basic fitness tests, such as sit ups and shuttle runs, to measure the child’s health status and fitness levels. This enables the child’s teachers to identify early any causes for concern, such as low fitness levels or weaknesses in any particular area.We recommend testing once a term to get the benefits of gaining trackable overall improvements using our system.

Benefits of Fitmedia Fundamental

Fitmedia Fundamental is unique and the only fitness testing system which:

  • provides a scientific assessment of the development of a child’s key physical skills
  • measures both the development of physical skills and basic fitness levels
  • provides tests which are specifically tailored to each age group, to take into account different stages of development
  • includes, for each individual tests, both categorical and numerical scores, to provide a complete picture of both the child’s ability to do the test, and how well they are able to do it
  • is based on extensive scientific paediatric data from the EU, Scandinavia and the UK

Teaching Fundamental Movement Skills

For children, mastering fundamental movement skillsis as important as the ability to read and write.

Without physical competence, children’s ability toparticipate in physical activity is vastly reduced.

However, teaching physical competence is not easy.Limited time, space and resources can make itchallenging to teach basic movements and skills.Itcan be even harder when  children have differentabilities, interests and views on physical activity.

To make this easier, Fitmedia have developed, with afPE, Lesson Cards specifically designed to make it easier to teach Fundamental Movement Skills. For more information on these, please click here

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