Fitmedia Balance

It provides a simple and straightforward method to assess the physical development and fitness of children with EBF or SEMH, and those who have been excluded from conventional learning and sporting structures. Fitmedia Balance comprises an extensive range of tests and assessment systems, which are based on long standing research into children’s health and fitness.

Developed in conjunction with special schools, the tests provide a detailed overview of a child’s physical development, their fundamental movement skills and their levels of fitness.

We consult with the school or organisation to identify the children they would like to assess, and their particular needs and behaviours. We then put together an assessment programme which is specifically designed to their requirements.

For example, upon being contacted by a school, we would speak to the school’s staff to identify:

  • The specific difficulties and needs of the children
  • The individual capabilities and abilities of the children
  • What the school is looking to assess (for example, physical movement skills, fitness levels, particular aptitudes etc)
  • Whether the school would like to link the assessment to any specific interventions
  • The school’s available space and equipment.

The Fitmedia testing team consults in detail with the school over which tests would be appropriate and how they can be delivered. We then put together a bespoke individual programme which we provide to the school. Our Fitmedia testing team then visits the schools to deliver the testing, which is done in conjunction with the staff and within the existing PE timetable and lessons.

Finally, we provide detailed results and a full report on the tests carried out, along with specific recommendations and ideas (where appropriate) for the children.

Benefits of Fitmedia Balance

Children with EBD and SEMH, or those who have been excluded from school, can struggle to participate in physical activity. They can find themselves rejected from conventional sports organisations and teams, and without the resources to take part in physical activity. As a result, their physical movement and fitness can suffer.

Fitmedia Fundamental is unique and the only fitness testing system which:

  • All that is required is for the staff or coaches to send us the results and details of the fitness carried out.
  • We can then benchmark the scores and provide further in depth analysis, including highlighting areas of concern or exceptional results which need further exploration.

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