How Our Services Can Help You

Our fitness testing and assessment systems can provide significant benefits for those who take part:

For schools and educational institutions

  • They provide a straightforward system to enable teachers and coaches to provide better targeted and tailored activity for individuals, through a better understanding of what is appropriate for each pupil
  • They are the ideal monitoring tool to evaluate the impact of their work and/or specific programmes, such as the PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools
  • They can act as a curriculum specific educational aid, ideal for use in BTEC, GCSEs or A level classes in PE and sports science

For individuals

  • They help individuals assess and understand their own health and fitness
  • They provides a simple way to identify and recognise natural talent and aptitude to enable appropriate selection of sport and physical activities
  • They can help boost self-esteem and athletic self-identity, particularly those who struggle with conventional sports and fitness activities
  • They are a simple and quick way to obtain better knowledge of potential weaknesses or health risks, to enable the individual to take appropriate steps and action

For sports clubs and sports organisations

  • They can aid talent identification for sports selection, based on objective assessments of each child’s fitness levels and the requirements of different activities
  • They provide a comprehensive database of fitness which can be cross referenced with other sporting activities and organisations
  • They are an effective monitoring and evaluation tool to record and analyse children’s development over time

For local authorities and providers of health and education

  • They provide a comprehensive record of the health and fitness status of all children in the local authority area
  • They are an easy and efficient tool to enable direct benchmarking of children’s health and fitness levels across different schools, areas and demographics
  • They can assist children to get engaged with physical activity and fitness (particularly those who not interested in conventional sports)